mir-method acceleration list

In this consultation we create and use a personal MIR acceleration list that you can use afterwards for some weeks. This will create a change and an acceleration of the process.

My personal skype consultation has the extra’s:

  • A ‘MIR-Methode personal list’, that accelerrates the process of the MIR method and/or getting clear your life mission.
  • Treatment of your ‘blind spot’, that clear away the cause of persistant patterns and emotions. This also accelerates and can cause a breakthrough.
  • Side effects of medicines are cleared  so that your deeper feeling and  passion can flow again
  • The influence of your PARENTS  and if that’s the case alsof of you on your CHILDREN, will in most cases also be treated.

Other details
For contact and have video consults  via Skype or via the competencer.nl website
Costs:   €  95 , –   via IBAN: NL84INGB0005250476     BIC CODE: INGBNL2A
After I have received the payment we can proceed with the consult.

Time span: about 75 minutes
Note: Included is a preparation for a minimum of 1 hour on your situation and complaints to make the consult extra effective.

Questions please via my contactform

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